Several hundreds of animal species live in the S˙żov Rocks. We can find 90 species of birds here from which almost 80 species also nest here.

The most widespread bird of prey living in the rocks is a kestrel. He nests on inaccessible rocky towers and walls. He can be seen searching for a prey ( voles, mice,...) when he usually circles around and flutters at one place. Other birds of prey living in the S˙żov Rocks are a raven and a jackdaw.

A few eagle owls live here as well. They are active in the evening and during the night,
hunting small and middle-sized mammals, birds and amphibians.

A long-eared owl and a honey-buzzard nest in forrests. We can hear many songbirds in S˙żov, f.e. robin, finch, nuthatch, stonechat. Sometimes we can also hear black woodpecker here. Near brooks a dipper and a grey wagtail can be seen.

Forrest is home of many mammals. We can see squirrrels here but there is a plenty of deer, roedeer and wild boars in this area as well.

A lynx, which can also be seen here, hunts at night and at dusk. Another night hunter is a lesser horseshoe bat feeding on insects. A hedgehog also comes out only in the dark.
Rocks and the castle ruins are a favourite place of lizard: wall- lizard, sand-lizard and slow-worm.

Frogs are not the only amphibians living in the S˙żov Rocks, near the water we can also find a salamander. Molluscs have a special position in local fauna. They are present here in great numbers thanks to the sufficient supplies of carbonates which they need for building their shells.